Arksa pvp Rules – Demo page

Last Updated: 04/29/2023

Vanquished Ark Survival Evolved PVP Rules


  • Tribes who are actively participating in an event should not be attacked. This is to encourage event attendance from all tribes.
  • You can only raid with your tribe. Teaming is not allowed in any way. Allies are disabled.
  • No Turrets on City Terminals or Mission Terminals (Unless placed while running a mission).
  • No builds that block major resource spawns.
  • 2x Cave/OP Base Location Per Map – 1x Ob Build Per Cluster – Unlimited Land Bases. (Definition of a land base; full land structure with no cave walls, the base must be completely accessible on foot by a walking player. (Ledges with no walkway up are not considered a land base)
  • Spamming or blocking off a base location that you are not building in is not allowed.
  • GREEN obelisks can be built on each map. This is non-negotiable, no other obs can be built.
  • If you build multiple bases – this is your way of stating you can manage multiple attacks, 1 tribe can attack one base which means all of your locations can be attacked at once.
  • No structures, wild aggressive dinos or turrets on spawns.
  • Tribe name and members must match on all maps.
  • You can not build in any tame only entrance spot, such as a Pelagornis hole. You also cannot build in any knockout, zipline, or grapple spots. This will be treated as a meshed base.
  • No TOS Builds, which means builds that aren’t allowed on official.
  • No Dino Builds covering the entire body. Dinos must be able to be shot/killed.
  • Insiding a tribe with solid proof will result in player bans.
  • Spam can only be placed up to 40 foundations distance away from your last defendable tower, any spam further than this will be destroyed without notification. Excessive spamming causes server performance issues, through this rule we aim to minimize that.


  • Popcorning loot when being raided is prohibited and destroys the nature of the game. Again, be a decent human.
  • If you get raided and lose, no worries, just build again. If you get hard raided/full wiped, you can open a ticket to get 48-hour admin protection and a small kit to rebuild.
  • A tribe may not transfer ownership to another tribe during an active raid.
  • Whip speed glitching or the use of any other exploits can subject you to an instant ban.
  • No tunneling into bases. You can build UP TO a base but not INTO a base / past their defenses.
  • No meshing.
  • All exploits of any kind will not be tolerated.
  • No Harpoon, Cannon, Ballista or Magmasaur raiding. Magmasaurs are for farming only. They can not be used in pvp in any way, not against players or their structures.
  • You are allowed to third party a raid only if attacking both parties or take over the raid once you push off the attackers.
  • You can only cage someone for 12 hours, proof the of time they were caged must be submitted by the victim if you expect us to free you/the cager to be punished. (If caged for a bounty, once the contract is completed you will be released. 12 hours is still the maximum time you can be caged.)
  • A fob must remain active during PVP, if a fob is left unattended for 12 hours or more after the first 24 hrs the fob has been standing a ticket can be opened to admin demo.
  • Streaming in our discord will now be separated into 2 channels, attackers, defenders. Streaming provides some great content for our community, and we want to promote that.
  • To do so, it will now be a punishable offense to be sat in your opponent’s streams. If any one player is also caught sharing information (even if not in either tribe) they would be punished to the same effect. Of course, any other general PVP or events happening can be streamed in either one of those, event PVP will not be considered attacking or defending so stream with caution.


  • All tickets must be filled out completely or they will be deleted.
  • All tickets about tribe politics will be instantly deleted.
  • Tickets not responded to within 24 hours will also be deleted.
  • Tickets can be opened in the ticket channel in Discord.

Long story short, we’re human. Please treat us as such and we will do the same for you.


  • Trade scamming will not be tolerated and will result in an instant ban.
  • Please record all trades and communication of trades so you have the proof we need to ban a scammed.


  • Threatening to or pulling someone’s IP or location will result in an instant ban.
  • Threatening to DDOS/Stress the servers will also result in a player wipe and ban.

Disclaimer: Rules are subject to change at any time and it is your responsible to ensure you stay up to date on our rules.


We can not help you when getting Arked.

  • Ark glitches are (but aren’t limited to):
  • logging in and discovering that your body is under the mesh and you can’t reach your bag.
  • stuff disappearing out of upload
  • losing stuff during map-to map transfer
  • losing stuff when a map crashes or goes down for any reason.

Lost Character
We CAN assist you in replacing your lost character.


You need to:

  • Keep a copy of your implant at all times, in base.
  • Open a ticket and contact us with proof of what tribe your lost character is in.
  • We will force you into that tribe and have you supply proof of your past levels/ascensions/bossfights. Without that proof, we will not give any XP, Asc, Bosses, Engrams, Etc.