Community Game Rules

Last Updated: 5/19/23

These are the rules for all Vanquished Community Games


1.1 No hate speech on any server. This includes public staff abuse claims. Report them in a ticket.

1.2 No cheating or associating yourself with cheats.

1.3 No intentional duping.

1.4 No stream sniping.

1.5 No alternate accounts (storing loot on another account)

1.6 No logging out in enemy bases / territories.

1.7 No locking or blocking other players bases.

1.8 A clip MUST be provided in tickets in order for compensation to be considered.

1.9 Render glitching is considered bug abuse and will result in a ban.

1.10 No movement exploits. Abusing movement exploits will consult in a ban.

1.11 Render glitching is considered bug abuse and will result in a ban.

1.12 Respect other players right to enjoy the games. These are NOT hardcore PVP community servers. (However, if PVP is enabled, it’s enabled)

1.13 Do not troll other players excessively, similar to [1.10] PVP is PVP, however, do not abuse that by ruining others experiences.


2.1 No hate speech at any time during a tournament.

2.2 No cheating or associating yourself with any cheats during any tournament.

2.3 Tournament entry can only be accepted with a fully filled out google form.

2.4 Prizes are equally split between all team members of the winning team (unless otherwise specified)

2.5 Any events that incur an entry fee, must be paid prior or else entry to the event is not accepted.

2.6 Stream sniping during tournaments and STRICTLY prohibited. Streaming helps grow our community, don’t ruin that. If caught stream sniping you will be banned from all future tournaments.

2.7 If you miss the start time of the tournament we will not wait for you.